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The influence of alcohol on potency

Myths about the beneficial effects of alcohol

Alcoholic drinks lift your spirits, cause a feeling of euphoria, allow you to relax and forget about problems for a while. But at the same time, you should think about whether it is worth deliberately worsening your own health because of short-term fun.

Some men believe that alcohol does not harm men's health, but on the contrary, a glass of an intoxicating drink has a beneficial effect on sexual intercourse, enhances desire, helps to prolong orgasm and allows you to satisfy your partner as much as possible.

In this matter, it all depends on the dosage and frequency of consumption of alcoholic beverages. In a small dosage, they really make you want to have sex and increase the severity of sensations. But if alcohol-containing products are consumed regularly, it will cause the opposite effect - impotence.

Another misconception is that the stimulus for a bright erection in the morning is a glass of wine or a glass of cognac drunk at night. In fact, by processing the breakdown products of alcoholic beverages, the liver produces substances that accelerate the release of testosterone into the bloodstream. As a result, not only erectile function worsens, but also the general condition of the body.

How alcohol affects potency

The main ingredient in most spirits is ethyl alcohol. It has a detrimental effect on the general health of men and in particular on their sex life. If a person drinks alcohol in large quantities for a long time, then he develops a state of chronic intoxication.

In addition to disrupting the full functioning of the whole body, alcohol has an extremely negative effect on potency and leads to a change in the appearance of a man. This happens for the following reasons:

• alcohol belongs to high-calorie foods. For example, a bottle of beer contains 225 kcal, a glass of vodka - 115 kcal;

• the process of splitting fats, proteins and carbohydrates is disrupted, as a result of which the energy stored in the body is deposited in reserve;

• the sense of proportion and satiety decreases. A drinking man consumes more food and does not feel full at the same time.

The excess adipose tissue accumulated in the body releases leptin, which destroys testosterone, which leads to impotence and frigidity.

Men who regularly drink alcohol simply do not think about how dire the consequences for male strength can be. Already at the age of 35-40, a man who regularly consumes strong drinks becomes impotent, and with a weakened body, impotence can overtake even at 30.

Providing an exciting effect, alcohol in a small dosage activates the rush of blood to the pelvic organs. But with frequent drinking, the situation changes. First, a conditioned reflex is formed in a man, and a glass of alcohol before intimacy becomes the norm. Over time, one glass is no longer enough, and the dose gradually increases, and the potency only worsens. Such a person has less and less sexual desire, libido is noticeably reduced and desire is suppressed.

Simultaneously with the deterioration of sexual function, ejaculation is accelerated, which is already the initial stage of impotence. If you do not get rid of the addiction to drinking, then soon alcohol can completely destroy the sexual functions of a man.

How alcohol affects potency

Reasons for drinking before intercourse

There is an opinion among many men that drinking alcohol before sexual intercourse makes it brighter and longer. This statement is based on the following properties of alcohol:

• it suppresses the feeling of fear, which is especially important before the first sexual intercourse in a man's life;

• helps to cope with uncertainty;

• relieves stress;

• fights depression;

• temporarily raises self-esteem.

Does alcohol actually have a positive effect on an erection? No, the temporary euphoria from the use of strong drinks quickly passes. If physiological problems were the cause of self-doubt, the situation is aggravated, uncertainty grows.

Once in a man's body, alcohol has the following effect:

• dilates blood vessels;

• causes a feeling of mild euphoria;

• prolongs erection, enhances arousal.

The positive effect lasts about half an hour, after which the body gives a reverse reaction to the use of ethyl alcohol: excitement subsides, drowsiness appears, potency decreases.

A gradual decrease in potency with alcoholism

Alcohol-containing drinks in a small dose play the role of psychostimulants. They promote the release of testosterone by the sex glands. But in the case of intoxication, the concentration of testosterone in the blood begins to decrease, respectively, the erection occurs with a delay, or it is not enough for sexual intercourse.

Alcohol has an extremely negative effect on the potency of men:

• the ethyl alcohol contained in drinks suppresses the production of the male hormone testosterone. As a result, sexual activity decreases more and more, the functions of spermatogenesis are disrupted, the quality of sperm deteriorates;

• the detoxification function of the liver is disrupted, as a result of which part of the testosterone turns into female hormones and feminization processes occur in the man's body;

• the sensitivity of the penis decreases markedly. Tactile receptors on the glans penis become immune to stimuli;

• under the influence of alcohol, peripheral vasospasm occurs, which impairs the microcirculation of all organs, including the small pelvis;

• ethanol has a destructive effect on the seminiferous tubules. They simply atrophy, and the reproductive function ceases.

With alcohol abuse, the general reactivity of the body decreases, a person becomes nervous, overstrained, and ceases to experience an orgasm. In addition, the risks of developing infectious diseases increase significantly. Most often, the infection affects the respiratory tract and the genitourinary system. The prostate is considered the most susceptible to viral and bacterial lesions, especially in men after reaching the age of 40.

The most dangerous drink for men

Among the wide variety of alcoholic beverages, beer causes the greatest harm to the production and productivity of sex hormones in the male body.

Good potency and beer abuse are fundamentally mutually exclusive things. Moreover, very soon addiction occurs to the drink, and this is a direct path to beer alcoholism - a dangerous disease that is very difficult to treat.

The most dangerous drink for men

The influence of wine on potency

Wine is credited with the ability to have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, relieve nervous tension, and improve appetite. This is true if the daily dosage does not exceed 50 ml. In large quantities, alcohol lowers the level of testosterone in the blood. A man who daily drinks a glass of wine at lunch or dinner (125-150 ml) runs the risk of becoming impotent by the age of 30.

To improve an erection, a man can drink a glass of red wine during a romantic date with a lady. A one-time use of the drink will have a beneficial effect on male strength, help overcome psychological barriers, and cope with the feeling of stiffness in both partners.

The maximum amount of wine before intimacy is 150-200 ml. Drinking large amounts of alcohol will have the opposite effect of what you expected: reduced desire and arousal.

What is the effect of beer on potency

How is beer combined with potency? Does this foamy drink really help men or does it harm?

Male potency is directly related to testosterone - the sex hormone. The foamy drink contains phytoestrogens that interfere with the normal production of testosterone, the main male hormone. As a result, female hormones prevail in the body of a man, which causes a number of changes:

• the hips and buttocks are rounded, the mammary glands increase in size;

• “beer belly” grows;

• there is a pronounced hysteria of the female type;

• sexual mood disappears;

• there is no erection in the morning;

• attraction to women weakens.

Beer abuse is one of the main causes of male infertility. In addition, lovers of the intoxicated drink show other unpleasant symptoms:

• libido sharply decreases;

• testicular tissue changes, which reduces sperm production;

• erectile dysfunction is formed;

• premature ejaculation occurs.

Beer has an extremely negative effect on the body of adolescents. When drinking a lot of beer, adolescents develop addiction very quickly .

According to doctors, only small quantities of high quality alcohol can be beneficial.

Beer in small doses (up to half a liter per day) has the following positive effects on the body:

• fights surges in blood pressure;

• serves as the prevention of heart and vascular diseases;

• increases appetite;

• accelerates metabolism;

• lowers blood cholesterol levels.

The positive effect is achieved due to the content of vitamin B, essential oils, microelements.

The listed positive properties are provided only by high-quality and fresh beer. Alcoholic drinks saturated with preservatives and dangerous impurities are harmful in any dose.

The influence of cognac on male erection

High-quality cognac is used as a remedy because it has the following beneficial effects on the body:

• relieves fatigue, nervous tension;

• copes with stress;

• helps to feel relaxation;

• promotes better absorption of ascorbic acid;

• dilates blood vessels;

• stimulates blood circulation in the genital area, which improves erection;

• helps a man to overcome feelings of constraint, self-doubt.

The maximum daily dose of cognac is from 30 to 50 ml per day. Drinking a drink in large doses has a negative effect on all organs and systems, inhibits sexual function.

Traditional medicine offers a special brandy-based remedy for a quick increase in potency. To cook it, 1 tbsp. l. the original product is combined with 2 raw quail eggs, 50 ml of mineral water and Coca-Cola, 2 tsp. Sahara. The ingredients are brought to homogeneity, the resulting product is drunk 20-30 minutes before the upcoming sexual intercourse.

How to restore potency after giving up alcohol

In order for the potency to always remain high, a man should give up alcohol or strictly control its use. Alcohol does not improve sexual intimacy and, moreover, does not solve psychological or physiological problems. He can only push them aside for a while.

If, due to the abuse of alcoholic beverages, a man's potency has noticeably decreased, then it is possible to increase it. To do this, you should:

completely give up alcohol and other bad habits, for example, smoking, overeating;

• eat right and balance the daily diet;

• observe a sleep schedule;

• do sport. It is better to choose mobile physical activities: swimming, football, running, cycling;

• avoid stressful conditions;

• learn to control your thoughts and actions;

• have regular sex life.

In 70% of all cases, potency is improved with the right approach to solving the problem. Depending on the age of the man and the degree of alcohol poisoning, it is possible to restore potency with medications. But in no case should you take any of them yourself. Only timely diagnosis and correct treatment can provide a positive result.

By:Dr. Ojas Shah

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