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Psychological impotence

Psychological impotence does not require surgery. They can resort to it only if all methods of conservative therapy have not improved the patient's condition. A modern surgical method for treating impotence is penile prosthetics. A positive result after its implementation is observed in 97% of cases.

Treatment of psychogenic impotence at home

1. You can cope with psychological impotence much faster if you reinforce the main methods of treating impotence with diet, physical activity and the use of traditional medicine.

2. Older men and young guys need dietary adjustments to speed up the healing process.

3. It is worth giving up fatty meat, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks, smoked meats and pickles, fried foods, flour, sweets.

4. The menu of a man suffering from psychological impotence should include:

• Protein foods (legumes, cottage cheese, fish, eggs);
• Dairy products;
• Seafood;
• Vegetable oils;
• Lean meat;

Honey and nuts have a positive effect on male potency

• Nuts;

• Porridge from different cereals;

• Fresh vegetables and fruits.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction of a psychogenic nature, you can use folk remedies. The most effective are:

1. Valerian tincture. This remedy will help you relax and relieve stress. You need to grind the valerian root, take a tablespoon of raw materials, pour a glass of cold water. Insist the composition for 12 hours. Take the tincture three times a day, before meals, a tablespoon;

2. Taking a tincture of ginseng root. You need to take a piece of root (3-4 cm), pour 3 liters of vodka into it. Leave for a day. The tincture should be taken daily 2 times 50 ml. The course of treatment is about 3 months;

With pathologies of the prostate, doctors recommend drinking a decoction of St. John's wort

1. Ginger drink. Take a teaspoon of ginger powder, pour 400 ml of water. Put the container on fire and boil for 30-40 minutes. Then strain the liquid, add a little natural honey. Drink up to 3 times a day, a glass (in this article you will find 6 more ginger recipes to improve potency);

2. Hypericum tincture. It is necessary to take one and a half tablespoons of fresh raw materials, pour 200 ml of boiling water. Let the liquid brew for half an hour, then strain. Consume 100 ml up to 4 times a day half an hour after a meal.

Home treatments are only effective if the underlying therapy is carried out.


To reduce the likelihood of developing psychological impotence, you need:

• Avoid stressful situations;

• If necessary, visit a psychologist or psychotherapist;

• Observe the daily routine, sleep at least 8 hours a day, eat well;

Sports activities have a positive effect on male strength

• To refuse from bad habits;

• Have a regular sex life with one regular partner;

• Do sport.

Psychological impotence is the result of stress, fears, sexual trauma. It is quite difficult to cure this kind of erectile function.

• Treatment should be comprehensive and include working with a psychologist, taking medications to stimulate erection, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adjusting the diet.

• The prognosis of the disease in most cases is favorable: with adequate therapy, the patient is guaranteed to return to his usual life and sexual activity.

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What affects a man's potency negatively and methods of increasing drugs, diet and exercise

What diseases affect male potency the most?

A separate and extensive group of prerequisites that affect erectile function are all kinds of male ailments.

The so-called potency diseases affect different systems of the body, from the genitourinary to the musculoskeletal system.

Some pathologies affect sexual performance directly, others indirectly, however, it is important to understand that the absence of treatment will inevitably lead to sexual weakness.

Diseases affecting the potency of men

The main diseases affecting potency are disorders of the heart and blood vessels, endocrine disorders, inflammatory and other pathological processes of the urinary organs. Joint diseases and sexually transmitted infections also negatively affect male strength.

Pathologists of the heart and blood vessels

Significant damage to sexual performance is caused by disorders associated with the work of blood vessels and the heart. The pathologies of these organs directly affect potency: to achieve an erection, it is necessary to fully fill the cavernous bodies with blood. This process is ensured by the normal state of the vessels located in the genitals.

Any changes in the functionality of the heart muscle or circulatory system impair blood flow throughout the body. Hypertension is at the forefront. High blood pressure provokes heart attacks or strokes, the transfer of which imposes restrictions on intimate life. Also, chronic hypertension disrupts the elasticity of the vascular walls, which interfere with blood circulation.

Changes in plasma composition, especially hemoglobin deficiency, leads to oxygen starvation, which negatively affects sexual performance.

Another disease dangerous for erectile function is atherosclerotic vascular disease. Pathology is characterized by thickening of the walls and narrowing of the lumens. When the disease affects the vessels of the groin area, the result is difficulty in achieving an erection.

Diseases of the genitourinary system

The stable functioning of the organs of the genitourinary system and success in intimate life are closely interrelated. The main diseases affecting the potency of a man:

• Insufficient functionality and kidney injury;

• Urolithiasis disease;

• Balanoposthitis;

• Vesiculitis;

• Nephrotic syndrome;

• Urethritis;

• Pyelonephritis;

• Prostatitis.

Some of them refer to purely male diseases and affect sexual function as follows:

A separate item is prostate adenoma. The proliferation of glandular tissue causes many painful and uncomfortable symptoms that interfere with intercourse. Also, the enlarged organ squeezes the vessels, which disrupts blood microcirculation.

Kidney disorders provoke:

• General weakness, drowsiness, lethargy;

• Decreased sensitivity of the nerve endings of the penis;

• Disorder of the blood supply to the pelvic organs;

• Androgen deficiency.

Endocrine dysfunctions

Endocrinologists distinguish several pathologies that negatively affect male consistency:

• Diseases of the thyroid gland;

• Diabetes.

The thyroid gland is an organ responsible for the synthesis of hormones that ensure normal metabolism and stable functioning of the body's systems. Violation of the functionality of the organ causes:

• Irritability;

• Tachycardia;

• Lethargy;

• Chronic fatigue syndrome.

If the disease affects the production of androgens, then the natural result is:

• Inability to achieve an erection;

• Violation of ejaculation;

• Infertility;

• Decreased libido.

Diabetes mellitus impairs erectile function for a variety of reasons. The disease affects potency as follows:

• An increase in sugar levels violates the elasticity of the vascular walls, leading to a disorder of nerve conduction;

• Disorder of pancreatic insulin synthesis, which alters metabolism, negatively affects the nervous system and blood vessels;

• The development of obesity, which negatively affects sexual performance.

Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted diseases have a detrimental effect on the body in many ways. Especially with organ damage, erectile function suffers.

The main sexually transmitted infections leading to sexual weakness:

• Syphilis. Despite the fact that at present the disease is treated simply, in the absence of measures, it is possible to suppress sexual function. Reasons: the appearance of a hard chancre on the genitals interferes with sexual intercourse at a psychological level. Neurosyphilis affects the central nervous system. Damage to the genitourinary system leads to infertility and decreased potency;

• Chlamydia. It affects the urethra, the prostate gland, the epididymis, as a result of which cysts are formed, muscle tone decreases, and the function of the prostate fades away. The overflow of pathology into a chronic form leads to irreversible dysfunction;

• Gonorrhea. It is distributed according to a scheme similar to chlamydia. Without therapy, it also becomes chronic, which causes impotence and loss of fertility;

• Mycoplasmosis. A common cause of the development of infectious prostatitis. The chronic inflammatory process of this etiology provokes a decrease in desire, loss of sensitivity of the penis, early release of semen;

• Ureaplasmosis. By itself, it does not affect potency, but it can become a provocateur of inflammation of the testicles and prostate, which in turn reduces sexual function;

• Trichomoniasis Promotes the development of chronic prostatitis. Symptoms of trichomoniasis are expressed in fever, soreness, diuretic disorders, problems with achieving an erection, deteriorating sperm composition, and premature ejection of semen.

Diseases of the OPA

Some pathologies of the musculoskeletal system adversely affect men's health, due to the fact that the spinal cord plays one of the main roles in ensuring a full erection.

The main diseases affecting potency from this category:

• Cervical and vertebral osteochondrosis;

• Intervertebral hernia;

• Ankylosing spondylitis.

Cervical osteochondrosis disrupts the blood supply to the brain, which leads to:

• Decrease in the production of sex hormones;

• Ejaculation disorder;

• Reducing the emotional desire for intimacy.

Hernia and osteochondrosis of the spine cause:

• Deterioration of metabolism;

• Compression of nerve endings, due to which impulses from the brain do not reach the genitals;

• Premature ejaculation.

Ankylosing spondylitis is characterized by damage to the spine and joints. One form also affects the heart, eyes and kidneys. It develops against the background of a postponed viral infection.

The main signs that interfere with full potency:

• Chronic soreness;

• Urethritis;

• Stiffness in movement.

These factors reduce the ability to have a full sexual intercourse, making it difficult both psychologically and physically.

Ailments that cause potency do not always affect the genitourinary system, however, their development ultimately leads to impotence.

Sometimes a common cold can trigger a chain of reactions in the body, the result of which will be a complete loss of male abilities.

That is why doctors strongly recommend that you regularly undergo preventive examinations and begin treatment at an early stage of a particular pathology.

What diseases affect male potency the most

What affects male potency - risk factors

For a man, success on the love front is no less important than a business career, relationships with friends, and an arranged life. Achievements of progress are inextricably linked with environmental pollution, the production of low-quality products.

To this you need to add a lack of physical activity, a bunch of diseases, constant stress, and it will become clear why already at the age of thirty there are problems with men's health.

To understand how to avoid sexual dysfunctions, let's figure out what affects a man's potency.

Male potency implies a whole complex of states: the severity of libido, the power and stability of an erection, the duration of sexual intercourse.

Various factors affect all these processes both positively and negatively.

To prevent the occurrence of manifestations of erectile dysfunction and to maintain sexual abilities at the proper level until old age, men's health must be taken care of from a young age.

A man's sexual activity, his ability to reproduce depends not only on the age factor, but also on the lifestyle, diet, and the presence of certain diseases. To strengthen potency, it is necessary to avoid negative influences and, conversely, try to fill your life with those that have a positive effect on male strength.

Be careful: chronic prostatitis in 89% of cases threatens prostate cancer!

If treatment is ignored, many patients experience problems such as impotence, high blood pressure and strong surges in the psycho-emotional state.

How can one be treated if deception is everywhere? The journalist Sheinin conducted his own investigation. In this article, he discovered a drug that gave significant results in the treatment of prostatitis and the restoration of erectile dysfunction - this is Urotrin .

Factors that negatively affect potency

We can talk for a very long time about what affects male potency; a lot of research and scientific medical works have been devoted to this topic. We want to tell you in detail about the main factors that negatively affect male strength.

• Diseases of the genitourinary organs - first of all, these are chronic forms of inflammation of the prostate, testicles, urethra of various etiologies.

• Disorders of the endocrine system - diabetes mellitus, pathologies of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus are associated with inhibition of natural synthesis and a decrease in testosterone levels, and, accordingly, with a decrease in sexual desire and erection.

• Overweight - in obese men, potency is lowered for several reasons. First, the high lipid content contributes to the suppression of the production of male sex hormones and the increased production of estrogen. Excessive weight causes a violation of the structure of blood vessels and a deterioration in blood circulation, which cannot but negatively affect the strength and stability of an erection.

• Eating fatty, fried and spicy foods.

• Excessive amounts of sugar and other carbohydrates in the diet - the abuse of sweets threatens hormonal imbalance and the development of many dangerous diseases, such as diabetes mellitus.

• Lack of physical activity or, conversely, excessive exertion - constant sitting is invariably associated with the development of many diseases of the reproductive organs, and men who are fond of long-term hard training may suffer from testosterone deficiency.

• Taking some medications - a decrease in potency can be caused by prolonged use of glucocorticoids, diuretics, beta-blockers, antidepressants, tranquilizers and other sedative and psychotropic drugs. Many men wonder if ordinary valerian can negatively affect potency. If the dosage and regimen of administration are observed, the valerian infusion has only a positive effect, relieving nervous tension, improving the blood supply to the reproductive organs, relieving spasms. But, if instead of the prescribed thirty drops you drink much more, you will not want to have sex, but calmly plunge into a blissful sleep.

• The use of steroid anabolic steroids for increasing muscle mass - a variety of supplements of this kind are often used by athletes and bodybuilders. Many of these products contain testosterone, which should sound reassuring. But not everything is so simple: receiving the hormone from the outside, the body adapts, begins to produce less testosterone itself, as a result of which serious hormonal disorders can develop and the potency decreases to a critical level. In addition, some low-quality sports supplements contain soy, which contains phytoestrogens. The increased level of estrogen in the male body inhibits the production of testosterone, which accordingly affects the sex drive and the strength of the erection.

• Psychological factor - for a normal intimate life, a man needs an open, trusting relationship with a partner, a manifestation of tenderness and attention, and not just following instincts. It has also been proven that one of the worst enemies of male power is stress and nervous tension, which have long become a real scourge of modern man. Potency can decrease under the influence of depressed mood, depression, chronic fatigue and neuroses.

• Alcohol - it is known that, getting into the body, ethyl alcohol causes disturbances in the structure and functions of the liver. As strange as it may seem at first glance, there is a direct relationship between the liver and the reproductive system. When the liver dysfunctions occur as a result of alcohol abuse, testosterone levels are markedly reduced. In addition, the deterioration of the heart and the state of the blood vessels lead to insufficient blood supply to the genitals, and the negative effect of alcohol on the spinal centers is associated with a weak erection and ejaculation disorders.

• Smoking - this addiction and healthy potency are incompatible, since the toxic tar formed during the combustion of tobacco causes constriction of blood vessels and a significant deterioration in blood circulation.

• Narcotic substances - like alcohol, drugs have a detrimental effect on the spinal cord, thereby lowering potency and disrupting ejaculation. At the same time, ejaculation may be premature, or it may not occur at all. In addition, many people who use drugs are infected with hepatitis C, and liver disease is known to interfere with testosterone production, contributing to erectile dysfunction. The use of marijuana also interferes with the production of male sex hormones. There is also psychogenic impotence associated with depression caused by prolonged drug use.

What positively affects potency?

But not everything is so bad, because there are a number of factors that contribute to strengthening male strength and increasing potency:

• Food - a man should include in his diet as many foods as possible rich in vitamins A and C. These are various types of cabbage, carrots, herbs, onions, garlic, green salad, black currants, rose hips. Seafood and sea fish supply the body with the necessary amount of zinc, selenium, iodine, unsaturated fatty acids. Do not forget about protein foods - fermented milk products, eggs, lean meat. Vegetable oil, nuts, pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin E, which helps to normalize the functioning of the testes, pituitary gland and thyroid gland. Honey, dark chocolate and cocoa are also good for men's health.

• Sufficient physical activity - this issue should also be approached reasonably: you do not need to spend many hours of exhausting workouts every day , it is enough to jog, do exercises, just walk on foot. A man needs to get used to the fact that when sitting for a long time (for example, at a computer at work), he needs to regularly take short breaks for physical exercises.

• Daily regimen - you need to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day. In addition to the fact that the body needs rest to recuperate, the maximum amount of testosterone is produced during a night's sleep.

• Contrast shower - when doused with cool water, the blood circulation of the reproductive organs is stimulated.

Herbal preparations

Big problems of the "little brother" - what affects the potency in men

Male potency is the personification of male nature, which requires daily replenishment. Even a slight disruption in the emotional or physical sphere can lead to a weakening or complete absence of an erection.

In recent years, this situation has happened not only in mature and elderly men - more and more young people are becoming victims of erectile dysfunction.

All this gives grounds for thinking that among the factors influencing male strength, age is almost in last place.

Five opponents of male power

The very concept of "potency" means the potential that every man possesses. How it will manifest itself is influenced by several factors. And only 5 of them have an advantage over others.

The psychological state of a man

Mood, attitude towards a partner, memories, fears and complexes - all this can provoke erectile dysfunction. This can happen instantly, unexpectedly for the man himself, and in some cases there is a "cumulative effect" - this happens with prolonged stress and depression.

The physical condition of a man

It has been proven that poor physical development leads to a weakening of the whole organism and potency in particular. Lack of activity leads, first of all, to circulatory failure, due to which tissue nutrition worsens. The hormonal background of men gradually changes due to the growth of adipose tissue - testosterone becomes noticeably less, but the level of estrogen increases.

Negatively affect the state of sexual function and trauma. A noticeable deterioration in male potential is observed with injuries of the pelvis, spine and abdominal organs.


Both the physical and psychological state of a man directly depends on the quality of nutrition. Lack of nutrients can cause exhaustion and impairment of all functions, including male strength. An overabundance of certain nutrients leads to obesity, which affects the body no less destructive than exhaustion.

Bad habits

Alcoholism and dependence on nicotine and drugs are the scourge of modern society. Without exception, all substances on which addiction is formed have an extremely negative effect on potency. Most men who are victims of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs develop erectile dysfunction over time.

Herbal preparations


Bacteria, viruses and parasites can significantly undermine a man's health.

Regardless of their localization in the body, they clog it with toxins and allergens, and also take away the lion's share of nutrients and damage organs.

All this cannot but affect the potency, especially if the disease is chronic. Of particular danger to potency are staphylococci, chlamydia, fungi, treponema pale.

Is it possible to avoid problems with potency?

To completely eliminate the risk of decreased potency, men need to completely change their lifestyle. Unfortunately, few representatives of the stronger sex can decide on this. Moreover, it does not always depend only on their desire. Nevertheless, you can save yourself from the risk of losing potency in several ways:

1. Be active - get into the habit of running in the morning, exercising, cycling, or swimming. Even walking in a nearby park can help improve your physical condition. Such activity has a positive effect on the psychological state of men.

2. Eating right - this concept includes the regularity of food intake and a balanced menu. For men, it is highly desirable to include so-called aphrodisiacs in it: nuts, honey, herbs, some fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and seafood.

3. To refuse from bad habits. This is the most difficult way to implement, because sometimes you can get rid of addiction only with the help of a doctor. Nevertheless, the result will not be long in coming.

4. Prevent infection with infections, and if this does happen, treat them in a timely manner. In this case, you should rely on the doctor's recommendations, and not on traditional methods of therapy.

5. The described methods help both as a prevention of erectile dysfunction, and if the potency has already significantly weakened. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that it will take more than one month to restore male strength.

A quick way to restore potency

It is no longer necessary to wait for the restoration of potency for many months or years - for the rapid elimination of sexual weakness, many drugs have been created that can almost instantly awaken his sexual energy in a man. Such funds are pathogens that affect the sensitivity of the erogenous zones and allow you to achieve a persistent and long-lasting erection.

Pathogens act with sexual weakness of any origin:

• with psychogenic impotence;

• with post-traumatic erectile dysfunction;

• with hormonal disruptions.

This efficiency is due to the influence of active substances exclusively on the mechanism of obtaining an erection.

The active compounds of the drugs penetrate into the vessels supplying the cavernous bodies of the penis and relax them. As a result, there is a more active blood flow to the penis.

The speed of transmission of impulses to the center of excitement in the brain also increases - the thought of sex alone is enough for arousal to arise.

Male pathogens are represented by several groups of funds:

Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors - tablets and capsules containing sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil and other compounds. The names of this group of pathogens are on everyone's lips - Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra. These drugs work for several hours, during which a man can have several sexual acts and experience a full orgasm.

Natural preparations with natural aphrodisiacs - plant extracts, extracts from the shells and gonads of animals and marine life, insects, etc.

The drugs in this group include Boss Royal Viagra, Shpanskaya fly, Wild Wolf and others. The main feature of these drugs is the ability to quickly increase libido.

In addition, long-term use of such funds improves the general condition of men, strengthens the immune system and allows you to get rid of many concomitant ailments.

Compared to the methods described in the previous section, the intake of pathogens gives a very quick effect. Most natural and synthetic drugs are absorbed in 20-30 minutes, after which a man can observe an amazing effect:

• the genitals become very sensitive, as well as other erogenous zones;

• the penis fills with blood more than usual, which is why its size becomes 1.5-2 times larger;

• intercourse brings more pleasure and lasts several times longer;

• orgasm becomes brighter and more prolonged;

• it takes less time to recuperate after sex - in one night a man can perform up to a dozen full-fledged sexual acts

The action of generics lasts from 4 to 72 hours, depending on the name of the drug. At the same time, there are no negative consequences from taking them, provided that the dosage is observed.

A man can safely drive a car, eat his favorite foods and even drink alcohol. Even long-term use of generics is not addictive.

However, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before using pathogens.

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What affects the potency of a man: what factors affect the male body positively and negatively

Intimacy is an important part of every man's life. And the quality of sexual life directly depends on potency, so males are always worried about their health. In order to avoid problems in sexual life, you need to know what affects the potency in men.

Factors affecting potency

Not only age-related changes affect potency, there are also some factors:
• diseases;
• food;
• alcohol consumption;
• smoking;
• physical activity;
• stress;
• excess weight;
• taking medications.

Important! Even healthy guys should pay attention to their lifestyle to avoid future problems. Food

Nutrition is the main factor affecting health, in particular male strength. Some products have a detrimental effect on potency, while others improve the functioning of the reproductive system and increase libido.

The most dangerous foods, the use of which leads to a deterioration of erection, include:

• Fat meat. Meat contains protein, which is essential for the body, especially for men, but fatty meats do more harm than good. It contains a large amount of cholesterol, which leads to disruption of vascular function. In addition, most meat products contain female hormones, which negatively affects men's health.

• Carbonated drinks. They contain a lot of sugar and harmful additives. This leads to a decrease in testosterone, and a decrease in the production of active sperm. Frequent consumption of carbonated drinks lowers the level of testosterone in the blood.

• Soy. In small quantities, soy will not harm the body, but if you completely replace meat products with soy, then testosterone levels will decrease, which can lead to impotence.

• Fast food. Fast food restaurant food is harmful to any organism, and men should avoid such food.

• Sausages. Sausage, frankfurters and wieners are now made practically without meat, but they contain flavorings and preservatives.

Foods that are considered healthy can also have a negative impact. Eggs are necessary for the male body, because they contain protein, but eating one egg in two days is considered the norm.

If you consume more of the product, then this will have a negative impact. Eggs contain cholesterol, and the film that envelops the egg contains a substance that impairs fertility.

You also need to know what has a positive effect on male potency. These foods include meat and fish, due to their high protein content.

It is worth choosing only lean meat, otherwise its use will lead to the opposite effect.

From fish it is worth choosing mackerel and flounder, preferably cooked. Also, protein is found in dairy products and eggs, both in chicken and quail.

Mussels, shrimp and oysters are also worth adding to the diet, they contain elements that are beneficial for male strength. You should eat nuts, walnuts are especially useful in ground form, they can be mixed with honey or sour cream.

Among vegetables, cabbage, carrots, radishes, and celery have a positive effect. From greens, it is worth adding parsley to the diet. Sweet is necessary for good male health, but only honey, chocolate and dried fruits. But cakes and pastries, on the contrary, have a negative impact.

Physical activity

In order to increase the production of testosterone in the male body, physical activity is necessary. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the gym for training with dumbbells and on simulators, this will allow:

1. increase testosterone production;
2. reduce the production of estrogen (female hormone);
3. reduce the level of nervous tension;
4. improve blood circulation;
5. strengthen the pelvic muscles.

In order for exercise in the gym to only have a positive effect on sexual performance, you need to pay attention to some points. Do not exercise too much, otherwise it will lead to physical exhaustion and depression.

You also do not need to overeat in order to gain weight, this leads to drowsiness. Many athletes use hormonal drugs, which is not recommended. You can use only testosterone analogues, and only after consulting a specialist.

Running is considered the easiest and most rewarding physical activity. Running is good for potency if you don't overdo it. Short jogging boosts testosterone production. But long distances are not recommended to run, as this can reduce the level of this hormone.

Low physical activity contributes to weight gain and high cholesterol levels, which leads to erection problems.

The mental state of a man

The state of potency strongly depends on the psychological state of a man, especially in young men. They may have problems of a sexual nature due to worries, as well as from bad experiences.

Sexual slips have a big impact on mental health. As a result, intimacy is stressful and fearful that failure will happen again.

In adult men, erection problems can occur due to stress or depression. During depression, a person is not interested in life, to be in a bad mood, and accordingly, his libido decreases.

In this state, he simply ceases to experience sexual desire. Nervous work and insufficient rest are also bad. It is necessary to sleep 7-8 hours a day in order for the nervous system to have time to recover.

Problems with potency most often arise in insecure men, there is even psychological impotence. It can appear at any age, there are different reasons for its manifestation. It can be both psychological trauma and fear of failure.

Decreased sex drive and erection problems can sometimes be caused by frequent partner changes. The man begins to lose interest in female representatives. Cheating can also provoke an erection problem due to the guilt he is experiencing.

A relationship with a woman is important and can affect sexual performance. Problems arise if a woman is not satisfied as a sexual partner, or expresses dissatisfaction, does not provide support.

It is a woman who can help to cope with difficulties in an intimate life. Patience and support will give a man self-confidence.

Other factors

Health is an important factor, as some diseases interfere with sexual activity. Problems with the cardiovascular system are caused by blockage of blood vessels, which also does not contribute to the flow of blood to the genitals.

Prostatitis, which is caused by inflammation in the prostate gland, brings difficulties in intimate life, but timely treatment allows you to return the previous erection.

Diseases such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease are dangerous for the health of the genitals.

Obesity decreases the production of male hormones and increases the production of female hormones. Excess weight puts a lot of stress on the heart, which leads to problems with blood vessels. Thus, libido decreases and health deteriorates.

Taking some medications has a negative effect on the male body, especially drugs that contain female hormones. Therefore, before starting treatment, it is necessary to find out what affects a man's potency and find an alternative method of treatment.

They have an impact on men's health and bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Smoking disrupts blood flow in the pelvic area, decreases testosterone production, and impairs sperm quality.

Nicotine reduces the access of oxygen to the cells of the body, which leads to a deterioration in the state of blood vessels, a decrease in fertility. The negative consequences do not appear immediately, but after a few years, especially by the age of 40, problems begin in intimate life, which can lead to complete impotence.

Note! In adulthood, it is very difficult to restore men's health; in some cases, medicine is powerless.

• Alcohol allows many men to prolong sexual intercourse, but this method brings irreversible consequences in the future.

• Beer loved by many men contains female germ cells, which leads to a decrease in testosterone production and erection problems.

• Frequent drinking of beer is the cause of the emergence of a beer belly, decreased sex drive, impotence.

Not getting enough sleep lowers testosterone levels by 10%, even in younger guys. Therefore, a full sleep is necessary every day. You need to be able to distract yourself from work, find time for rest and eight hours of sleep.

If a man has a nervous and difficult job, then constant anxiety and stress will affect potency. If a man is regularly overworked, then this leads to chronic fatigue and a decrease in sex drive.

By:Dr. Ojas Shah

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